Vault Finance Novation - Launchpad & Exchange

Providing the next evolutionary step for rewards tokens via our sell-less trading platform and networked liquidity management solutions. Novation is the cornerstone of a revolutionary launchpad and sell-less exchange network. This network consists of multiple launchpads and decentralised exchanges, all linked to a central hub of shared liquidity pools, thus providing both invaluable sell-less solutions and hugely-increased exposure for our listing and launch partners.

Launchpad Benefits

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Offering a gateway to our Novation DEX and its sell-less technology

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KYC services offered via our partner Anonydoxx, the gold standard of identity verification within DeFi

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Provides CertiK spot to discount packages that projects need such as certik audits, AMAs, and influencer support to help create a community and investor base.

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Adaptable parameters to help shape and support each project’s launch

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Easy and familiar user interface, for both project leaders and prospective investors.

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Projects are able to create tokens on demand as well as create custom airdrops as needed

About the Exchange

  • Created to ensure Vault Finance’s native token (VTFC) and partner projects are 100% sell-less
  • Projects with full liquidity on the Novation exchange have the opportunity to earn our coveted Gold Star - a badge of recognition that they are 100% sell-less
  • Novation’s sell-less technology collects transaction taxes in BNB, not native tokens, ensuring no contract sells are ever necessary for rewards, buyback & burn, marketing or development
  • Partner projects can tap into the Novation network to provide their investors with numerous places to buy their tokens without the need for multiple liquidity pools
  • For those projects that are already established and have liquidity placed on other exchanges, there’s the option for them to: i. Simply be listed on Novation in order to provide their investors with another location to buy their tokens ii. Place partial liquidity on the Novation exchange in order to become semi-sell-less.
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Trading Fees

Sell-less DEX Cross-Chain On-Chain
0.3% $1 0.1%

Launch, List, and Trade with us.